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Why Hike the Lycian Way?

Do you like the idea of spending a few days, a week, or even longer, hiking? Perhaps somewhere that offers great views, fantastic weather and wonderful opportunities

Kate Clow & The Lycian Way

For anyone interested in the Lycian Way, the name Kate Clow will be all too familiar. Kate Clow moved from the UK to Istanbul in Türkiye in
Türkiye flag

Why Türkiye?

So Why Türkiye And Not Turkey? You will have noticed in recent weeks that Turkish companies, including Lycian Way Holidays, now refer to Turkey as Türkiye. So,
Section from Delikemer Aquaduct

Delikkemer Aqueduct and Patara Ruins

Two bits of Turkish history that you may come upon during your hike on the Lycian Way are the Delikkemer Aqueduct and Patara Ruins. Delikkemer Aqueduct The

A Visit to Olympus & the Chimaera Flames

Olympus On day 21 of our itinerary that covers the whole of the Lycian Way, you’ll come across the fantastic ruins at Olympus (or Olympos). Olympus was

A Hike Up Çaldağı

A hike up Çaldağı isn’t for the feint hearted. Çaldağı is a short drive from Fethiye. At well over 2,000m it can easily be seen from pretty
Keep Fethiye Clean logo

Keeping Fethiye Clean

Lycian Way Holidays are now proud participants in the movement aimed at keeping Fethiye clean. How It All Began The Keep Fethiye Clean group started when 2

Fethiye – Gateway to the Lycian Way

Fethiye is a busy working town that is open all year. You’ll find all the things you expect to see in a town – banks, mobile phone

Bespoke Türkiye is Back!

We have our Bespoke Türkiye website back. So after much hair pulling, shouting and swearing, nail biting, pencil throwing and quiet desperation we finally have our old website
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