Lycian Way Facts

Top 10 Lycian Way Facts

Lycian Way facts. We have chosen 10 facts about The Lycian Way hiking route. This will give you more information to help choose a Lycian Way Holiday.

Here are our top 10 Lycian Way facts:

  1. The Lycian Way route opened in 1999.
  2. Its founder is Kate Clow. A remarkable English Lady who connected a series of old roads and paths between ancient cities across Lycia.
  3. It is approximately 540 km long.
  4. The Route runs from Fethiye in the West to Geyibayiri, near Antalya in the East.
  5. The route is marked with red and white markings and yellow signposts.
  6. The route often comes down to sea level and beautiful beaches. Offering plenty of opportunities to swim.
  7. The highest section of the route is 1800m above sea level.
  8. The two highest peaks are Babadag at 1966m and Mt Tahtali at 2366m. Both summits are optional on the route.
  9. The route passes many historical sites such as Xanthos, Patara, Letoon, Demre & Olympos.
  10. The best times for hiking are Spring and Autumn. Winter can also be very rewarding. Summer temperatures mean that any outdoor exercise is best avoided.

Lycian Way beach and mountain view Lycian Way Mount Tahtali

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