Follow The Lycian Way

How to Follow The Lycian Way

Painted route markings, rock cairns, guide books, maps and GPS.

As self-confessed technophobe, I was happy to receive some recent advice about useful route finding equipment. Here are some tips and links on how to follow The Lycian Way.

The Lycian Way route is generally well marked with red and white painted markers on rocks and trees. There are sections however that could do with some re-marking and the maps of the region could be better. The route has also changed in parts over the past 12 years since we first hiked on the route. We relied on the painting markings and Kate’s walking notes in her book. We did get lost but never for long and could always retrace our steps.

Lycian Way signpost

Part of the fun for me then and now is going from marker to marker. More recently stone rock cairns left by hikers where the route is not obvious helps a lot. As a courtesy to other hikers it is good to make sure that we keep them ‘topped up’. So I now make a point of putting small stones on the top to keep the rock cairns in good order.

Recently I got chatting to a couple of Dutch hikers who were only using GPS to find their way. They said there are are a couple of very useful GPS Apps for The Lycian Way. The Apps can be downloaded to smartphones or ipads and you need never be lost again. My only problem was that I didn’t own a smartphone!  I also liked the old fashioned way of following the original markings.

So for all hikers out there thinking of walking the beautiful Lycian Way route here are some helpful links for you:

Firstly the Lycian Way guidebook, there are other good guides out there particularly a German guidebook and more recently a Turkish version. Unfortunately, my Turkish is not yet good enough and my German only goes as far as  ‘guten morgen’ and counting to ten!

Next the GPS apps from Trekopedia


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Happy Hiking!

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