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Hello and welcome to Lycian Way Holidays

Prior to launching Lycian Way Holidays, my wife Ayşegül and I first walked on The Lycian Way route in 2007. Back then there were not many hikers and the route was still establishing itself.

We formed a website called ‘Bespoke Turkey‘ and offered people walking holidays on the Lycian Way. We still run ‘Bespoke Turkey’ which today offers a wide range of activity holidays. In 2016 we created this new company to offer a good selection of exclusive itineraries focused purely around the Lycian Way.

We’ve recently expanded our offering and put together some exclusive ‘Hike & Bike’ itineraries which give you the chance to explore parts of the Lycian Way both on two feet and two wheels.

We’ve also put together a small selection of itineraries for those wishing to discover the beautiful harbour town of Fethiye by bike.

If you are a solo traveller we now have a few weeks a year set aside where you can join a small group of like minded travellers on a hike or cycle.

Would you like to enjoy one of our self-guided itineraries? Or perhaps join one of our group holidays on the Lycian Way?  To contact us for more information or to make a booking please click here.

Or you can chat to us via the green button below.

Best Wishes

Ashley Hayes

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