The Lycian Way Route

The Lycian Way Route

Here is information about The Lycian Way route. At Lycian Way Holidays we have broken the route down into short sections. We have provided the approximate distances, hiking times and notes about what to expect in each section.

The route is marked at regular intervals white and red paint, there are also yellow signposts at junctions with mileage indicators to the next village/town on The Lycian Way route. You will also come across many rock cairns that previous hikers have left where the route is harder to follow.

Here are links to The official guidebook called ‘The Lycian Way’ by Kate Clow and the phone app with GPS

Here is the link to the phone App that we recommend and provide our customers: The App is called ‘Lycian Way by Trekright’ it costs around £7 and is downloadable on The Apple Store or from Google Play. You do not need an internet connection for the GPS to work which makes it very useful.

It is possible to follow the route without a guidebook or phone app. Though we don’t necessarily recommend you do this. It is still highly likely you will get lost on The Lycian Way route but for many people, like ourselves, this is all part of the hiking experience. Go back to the last marker and head out again until you find the correct way.

In the coming weeks we will provide information on the whole Lycian Way route. Here is a list of the sections we will be covering:

The Lycian Way Route Part 1 – Section 1 Fethiye to Kayakoy Section 2 Kayakoy to Ovacik Section 3 Ovacik to Faralya  Section 4 Faralya to Alinca

The Lycian Way Route Part 2 – Section 5 Alinca to Bel via Gey OR Alinca to Bel via Sidyma Section 6 Bel to Pydnai via Gavuragili. Section 7 Gavuragili to Letoon via Pudnai. Section 8 Letoon to Akbel via Xanthos.

The Lycian Way Route Part 3 – Section 9 Akbel to Patara via Delikkemer Section 10 Patara to Kalkan via Delikkemer Section 11 Kalkan to Saribelen via Berzigan Section 12 Saribelen to Gokceoren.

The Lycian Way Route Part 4 – Section 13 Gokceoren to Cukurbag  Section 14 Cukurbag to Limanagizi via Kas Section 15 Limanagizi to Bogazcik Section 16 Bogazcik to Ucagiz via Aperlai

If you have questions about the route? Would you like to make an inquiry? You can get in touch with us at or fill in our contact form link HERE. We aim to answer all inquiries promptly and look forward to hearing from you.