The Lycian Way Route Part 4

The Lycian Way Route Part 4

In The Lycian Way Route Part 4, we are traveling from Gokceoren to Ucagiz. Sections 13 through 16 of our Lycian Way journey.

Section 13 Gokceoren to Cukurbag Distance 17 km. Time 6-8 hours.

This lovely, mostly easy section takes you around the Derekoy valley. Through woodland and uphill to some ancient remains at Phellos. The Lycian Tombs here are very impressive. Today’s hike takes you through fields and pine forests along goat tracks, mixed woodland and ridge path. The Lycian Way route descends from Phellos to the large village of Cukurbag. It is possible to stay in Cukurbag, we usually transfer guests to the seaside town of Kas. One of our favourite places on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast.

Section 14 Cukurbag to Limanagizi via Kas Distance 10 km. Time 4-5 hours.

The first section today takes you along a plateau before dropping down to sea level. It is a steep descent that hairpins down to Kas. Take your time on this section. There are wonderful views and when you reach Kas you can enjoy a well earned Turkish cay (tea) or something stronger. From Kas there is an option for a water taxi across the bay to Limanagizi. If walking, you can enjoy great bay views. The path runs along roads and goat trails. There is a good stopping point at Buyuk Cakil Beach approx. halfway where refreshment should be available. The route splits as you approach Limanagizi we recommend taking the inland option. If you choose the coastal path, care needs to taken.

Section 15 Limanagizi to Bogazcik Distance 15 km. Time 6-7 hours.

This rugged and rocky section will test your footwear. Best advice is to take your time and watch your steps. It is likely you will have no access to water sources and a reliable phone connection. The route follows fields and coastline with rolling hills for the most part. You will pass a couple of beaches with opportunities to swim. It’s good to have GPS tracking on this section as it is easy to lose the route The Lycian Way then turns inland and climbs uphill. Finally onto the small village of Bogazcik.

Section 16 Bogazcik to Ucagiz via Aperlai Distance 11 km. Time 5-6 hours.

The first section of this day is relatively flat with low scrub. The route then descends to sea level before running along the shoreline. It is worth wearing long trousers to help protect against scratches. You will also be faced with a little scrambling over rock, so take your time. Make sure you have water with you as there are no other options on this section. There are some impressive ruins at the beginning of the day called Apollonia. There is also the possibility of taking a boat trip from Aperlia to Ucagiz. If you have time spending an extra day at Ucagiz / Kekova. We often arrange rest days here for our customers so they can relax, enjoy their surroundings. The pensions are close or on the waterfront and some hire canoes to explore the sheltered bay.

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