The Lycian Way Route Part 3

The Lycian Way Route Part 3

In The Lycian Way Route Part 3, we are traveling from Akbel to Gokceoren. Sections 9 through 12 of our Lycian Way journey.

Section 9 Akbel to Patara via Delikkemer inland route. Distance 12 kms. Time 5-6 hours.

The route flattens out here and offers good views across the valley and out to sea. Narrow paths take you around the hillside through the knee and waist-high scrub. Gaiters or long trousers are not a bad option here to stop scratches from the thorny bushes. The aqueduct that remains at Delikkemer is an engineering marvel. It is mostly intact with large stone blocks on the top, holes bored through them for the water to pass. From here you have two choices to reach Patara. We choose the shorter inland route and return in the next section on the coastal route. The route bears right and hugs the hillside going through olive groves and along a wide forest track. Eventually reaching the spectacular ruins at Patara. Here is a link for more information about Patara Ruins. A short, ten-minute walk from the ruins is a beautiful beach where hikers can take a well-deserved dip.

Section 10 Patara to Kalkan via Delikkemer coastal route. Distance 16 kms. Time 6-7 hours.

Climb the hillside near the ruins and continue on good track. The route descends and passes dwelling close the sea before heading a little further inland. The hiking then becomes easy over sandy paths that take you around the coast and eventually back to Delikkemer Aqueduct. After this the route is a scramble over rocky terrain to Kalkan. Our suggestion is to follow the path you have already taken back along the route to Akbel. From Akbel it is an easy fifteen-minute walk down the hill to the coastal Town of Kalkan.

Section 11 Kalkan to Saribelen via Berzigan. Distance 13 kms. Time 5-6 hours.

The route leaves Kalkan on the tarmac road before heading inland. It is a steep climb on goat paths that hairpin up to the little village of Bezirgan. The views across the sea are spectacular. Villages like Bezirgan were often used as ‘Yayla’, places locals could take their animals and spend the summer months high up to get relief from the heat. The route continues on flatter ground to the village of Saribelen and some newly built holiday homes.

Section 12 Saribelen to Gokceoren. Distance 16 kms. Time 6-7 hours.

A great day hike. On leaving Saribelen you are in for wonderful mountain and sea views. You will walk along the plateau. Hiking along ancient paths, you are in a landscape where little has changed over time. It’s different from early sections of the route. The contrast helps makes the Lycian Way such a wonderful hiking experience. Gokceoren is a small village that is spread out on the hillsides.

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