The Lycian Way Route part 1

The Lycian Way Route part 1

Lycian Way Sections 1 to 4 from Fethiye to Alinca

The Lycian Way Route part 1 official start point is Ovacik. We however have started at Fethiye. The route is marked from here and is worth exploring Fethiye Town which is also a great place to buy anything you may have forgotten before heading out on The Lycian Way Route. Fethiye is a very picturesque harbour town (especially out of holiday season) and has a great choice of places to eat. It also has the benefit of seeing the beautiful village of Kayakoy and its deserted Greek town.

Section 1 Fethiye to Kayakoy. Distance: 6 kms. Time: 2-3 hours

Traveling uphill out of Fethiye you will see the remains of Fethiye Castle and The King’s Tomb behind it on your left. The route follows the road uphill on your right. If you wish to visit Kings Tomb then follow the road downhill and turn right, there is a small admission fee.

Just before reaching a stone water cistern on your right the route leaves the road on your left. There is a yellow sign here marked ‘Kayakoy’ the route now goes uphill following a dirt path crossing the tarmac road that goes go Kayakoy. The dirt path turns to an ancient cobbled stone road. The route runs over a large hill and down into a flat valley containing Kayakoy.

Section 2 Kayakoy to Ovacik. Distance: 8 kms. Time: 2-3 hours

From the ticket office at Kayakoy Greek Town ruins, close to Lebessos Wine House you will see a yellow sign to ‘Ovacik 7kms’. There is an admission fee to enter the ruins and we recommend taking time to see the sites here. The route follows a cobbled path uphill through the deserted town. You will see another yellow sign here for Ovacik and you will turn left and head towards some communication masts. The route passes close to masts and then through pine forest on the hillside. You will walk approx. 5 kms on forest path until you reach two tarmac roads close together. At the second road turn left then quickly right following another dirt path downhill. This path comes out to the main Ovacik/Olu Deniz road. Turn left to Ovacik and turn right for 50 metres before taking the road on your left to the official Lycian Way start point.

Section 3 Ovacik to Faralya. Distance: 12 kms. Time: 5-6 hours

This section takes you from the official start point at Ovacik to the beautiful little village of Faralya. The first few hours are up and around Baba Dag (Father Mountain) with wonderful views over Olu Deniz. The route then flattens out before descending through the little village of Kirme and on down to Faralya. The route is a mixture of narrow, rocky paths, and wide dirt tracks that make up the whole of the Lycian Way route. You will quickly see a combination of white/red markers and rock cairns to follow every 100yds or so. There are a couple of small tea houses on the route.

Section 4 Faralya to Alinca. Distance: 13 kms. Time: 6-7 hours

This section can be broken up at Kabak where there are some lovely wooden chalets overlooking Kabak Beach. From Faralya the route goes through pine woods and dirt paths around the base of Baba Dag. There is an alternative coastal route here with opportunities to swim. It will take approx. 3 hours to reach Kabak and further swimming opportunities at Kabak Beach. From here you will have a 3 to 4 hour climb to the village of Alinca. The path mostly hairpins up through trees on the mountainside. If the weather is hot, make sure you top up with water at Kabak before starting the ascent. When you reach Alinca you will have fantastic sea views and can enjoy a deserved rest.

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