Spring 2021 On The Lycian Way

Spring 2021 On The Lycian Way

5 days Hiking Beycik to Citdibi on The Lycian Way

Part 1. Here are some pics and write up from a wonderful 5 day hike on the Lycian Way. Starting out from the hamlet of Beycik in the foothills of Mount Olympus / Tahtali, we did a 5 day continuous hike.

Day 1 saw us arrive early at Beycik having left early from Fethiye. We hiked to the saddle of Mount Olympus / Tahtali. There was snow on the ground but mist covering the mountain top so we decided not to summit. The route is generally well marked and we had GPS back up. There is a log cabin near a spring serving refreshments that was open about an hour and a half into the climb. The route takes you through sparse pine forest before reaching the saddle of the mountain. The ground forms some shallow ‘bowls’ which offer some protection from the elements. Here is a good stop for some packed lunch, about 3 to 4 hours into the hike. If you do decide to go for the summit of the mountain make sure you have a clear day and add on a couple of hours to the daily hiking times.

The descent was on narrow path past boulders and rocky landscape. We reached a ‘yayla’ a flat, open area of grassy ground with some goat sheds. The route then continues to descend through pine forest on forest track before reaching our destination of Yayla Kuzdere. It took us 6 and a half hours to walk the 17 kms. We only took a short stop for lunch as the weather was against us. Experienced hikers will find this day hike moderately difficult. Less experienced hikers will be challenged.

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