Solo Activity Holidays

Solo Activity Holidays

Solo Hiking and Biking Holidays

Times have changed and ‘Going Solo’ no longer has the stigma it once had. Solo activity holidays are becoming increasingly popular.

Whilst many people still look for package deals in the sun where they can relax and have fun with friends and family, the rise in those wishing to travel on their own cannot be ignored.

I am one of those types of travellers. My first solo holiday was a trip to China way back in 2003. I had more disposable income than many of my friends, I didn’t have a partner and I wanted to see the world. For a young female China was never going to be a simple option to visit alone so I joined a tour designed for single travellers, organised by one of the few tour operators that offered this kind of thing.

And I loved it.

Since then I’ve been to Hong Kong, New Zealand, Egypt, much of the US, both coasts of Canada, and a majority of Europe as a single traveller. In fact one of those single traveller holidays ultimately led to me making the move to Fethiye nearly eight years ago.

So when my friends here at Lycian Way Holidays asked my opinion on solo activity holidays and what they should do to increase their appeal to future guests, it was a no brainer…

Lycian Way Holidays have now put together a couple of solo holidays; an organised small group trek along part of the Lycian Way and a single centre based mountain biking holiday. If these prove popular, more and more options will be added.

There will be a minimum of four, and a maximum of ten, in each group meaning you’ll get the opportunity to have some alone time whilst also making new friends with like minded people.

You’ll be accompanied by one of the owners of Lycian Way Holidays as well as a volunteer, like myself, who just loves showing newcomers how stunning this part of the world really is.

For more details about our Solo Activity Holidays on offer click here. If you have any further questions click here.

Hope to see you in 2021!

2 thoughts on “Solo Activity Holidays

    1. Hi Cheryl, some of the accommodation on the route is now closed. The places that are open adhere to the guidelines set out by the Turkish Government, these have recently changed. It is possible for tourists to still hike on the route. You will need to keep a mask on you at all times.
      Best wishes,
      Ashley H.

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