Lycian Way Turkey

Eastern Section Cirali to Beycik via Ulupinar

In this blog I’m continuing on The Lycian Way Turkey. Hiking the route in November 2018.  

Lycian Way Cirali Beach
Cirali Beach

The pretty town of Cirali on the coast is a great place to stay. There are many guesthouses and small hotels along the beach road. It has a long pebble beach with a small river and the ruins of Olympus at the western end.

The Lycian Way route runs through the town before heading north. After on a few kilometres & steep climb on stone steps, you will reach the famous Chimaera. Natural gas flames escaping from the rocks on the hillside. Its history and legend dates back over 3500 years. The Lycian way route passes through the Chimaera and climbs up the hillside.

Chimera Flames Lycian Way Turkey

The Lycian Way Turkey then descends into a valley and crooese a couple of stream beds. In November, after a long dry season, these were dry. In Spring it is likely that they will be flowing but there are stepping stones to get you across. The route meanders though pretty woodland before climbing to Ulupinar.

Ulupinar is a pretty village with some large restaurants specialising in ‘Alabalik’ or trout. They are farmed in the abundant streams of the region, coming down from Mount Tahtali. It took me four hours to reach Ulupinar and I continued on to my destination of Beycik.

Lycian Way Ulupinar

The Lycian Way route continues to climb from Ulupinar. You are in the foothills of Mount Tahtali and the region is very green and fertile. I was following the markers without maps or GPS and it is easy to get lost on this section. If you are in the same position always go back to your last marker and then search for the next one. Rock cairns left by previous hikers should help. The hike to Beycik took a further three hours. It was not helped by torrential rain. I arrived in Beycik soaked but happy. There is a choice of guesthouses and small hotels here. It is a pretty place with great mountain views.

Beycik Lycian Way

I had planned to continue my hike the next day but the weather was full of rain and thunder. The forecast for the following days was also rain so I decided to head back home. The adventure will continue another time.

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