The Lycian Way Route Part 2

The Lycian Way Route Part 2

In The Lycian Way Route Part 2 we travel from Alinca to Akbel in four sections.

Section 5 Alinca to Bel via Gey Distance 15 km. Time 4-6 hours OR Alinca to Bel via Sidyma Distance 18km. Time 6-8 hours.

You have two choices of route to Bel. The coastal route via Gey or the longer route via the ancient ruins of Sidyma. Both choices start with a descent from Alinca. The route hugs the mountainside and care needs to be taken on this section. If in doubt or if the weather is windy and wet and you are carrying full backpacks then we recommend following the tarmac road down. The route splits at the bottom. The shorter route is perhaps more scenic. The longer option is a must for hikers interested in history. Here is a link to The Wikipedia page for more information about Sidyma

Section 6 Bel to Pydnai via Gavuragili. Distance 14 km. Time 6 -7 hours.

The route today leaves Bel on the road uphill. It passes some panoramic grazing land, high on the mountainside before descending down to Gavuragili.  The route down hairpins and involves a little scrambling over smooth rock. OK when dry but again care needs to be taken if the rocks are wet. Great views out to sea. There are a couple of pretty camping options overlooking the sea. We also offer free pick up to our accommodation ‘Meyveli Ev from Gavuragili, Pudnai & Letoon  

Section 7 Gavuragili to Letoon via Pudnai. Distance 16 km. Time 5-6 hours.

The route leaves Gavuragili and climbs through pine forest before descending and reaching the ruins of Pudnai and the lovely beach here. The next 7 or so kms are flat and uninteresting as you follow road and track to the ruins at Letoon. Another option is to walk on the beach for 5 kms before reaching a few beach huts. Here there is a straight paved block road that takes you into Kumlouva and Letoon. Here is a link to The Wikipedia page for more information about Letoon

Section 8 Letoon to Akbel via Xanthos. Distance 20 km. Time 7-9 hours.

The first section between Letoon and Xanthos follows the main road. Not a pleasant section and it is easy to hop on a ‘Dolmus’ (local bus) on the road near Letoon to get you to Kinik and the ruins of Xanthos. The ruins are large and very impressive. Here is a link to the Wikipedia page to Xanthos. The route from Xanthos follows the road to the village of Cavdir. From here you will cross hillside before following the remains of Roman aqueduct. It is a pretty section with views across the valley and to the sea. Eventually you will reach the very pretty village of Uzumlu (with grapes). Here you can grab a cup of cay (tea) or tasty snack. The route then continues onto the town of Akbel.

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