Hiking & Cycling Holidays

We often get enquiries from people who enjoy both hiking & cycling and also get asked if it is possible to cycle on The Lycian Way hiking route?

The answer is that parts of the route can be cycled. This gave us the idea to put together a ‘Hike & Bike’ itinerary on the route. We took a local group of cyclists on this itinerary and everyone loved it. Click here for more information. A local newspaper also ran an article on the trip: https://www.fethiyetimes.com/just-visting/35947-hiking-biking-the-perfect-combination.html

We have now added a slightly longer trip that takes you from Fethiye to Kaş which we’ve named ‘Dash to Kaş’. Click here for more information.

Would you like to be part of a small hiking & cycling group? Perhaps you have a group already that would be interested? Either way please get in touch.

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