Why Hike the Lycian Way?

Do you like the idea of spending a few days, a week, or even longer, hiking? Perhaps somewhere that offers great views, fantastic weather and wonderful opportunities to indulge yourself in the Turkish culture?

Then you need to consider hiking a section of the Lycian Way.

Lycian Way holidays view of oludeniz

So, What is the Lycian Way?

The Lycian Way is a hiking route in South West Türkiye that goes from the outskirts of Fethiye and finishes around 20km short of Antalya. The entire route is around 540km long.

The route was put together by Kate Clow in 1999. Click here for a previous blog we did about this amazing lady.

How Long Does it Take to Hike the Lycian Way?

If you wish to walk the entire route in one go, you can probably do it in around one month. Although, a longer holiday would give you more time to take in your surroundings and allow you to stop and experience more of what Türkiye has to offer.

However, many people choose to do smaller sections over the course of a week.

In our opinion, the most popular section is from the start point near Fethiye to Patara. You can click here for more details.

How Difficult is the Lycian Way?

There are sections of the hike that can be challenging with rough terrain and numerous ascents and descents.

Also, much will depend on the type of holiday you choose. If you plan to walk with a full size rucksack and camp along the way it will, obviously, be more of a challenge.

However, many choose to have accommodation booked along the way and companies such as Lycian Way Holidays transfer the bulk of your luggage leaving you to just carry the essentials you need for the day ahead.

Also, the weather is a big factor. Hiking in June, July or August means that you will be at the mercy of very hot weather. Whereas hiking at the beginning of the year may see you getting a little wetter than planned.

The ideal time to hike the Lycian Way is during April and May or between September and October.

How Will I Find My Way?

Along the route you will see yellow signs which point you in the direction of the next significant point along the route.

You’ll also frequently come across red and white painted markers on trees, rocks and buildings. You’ll also see piles of stones built by previous travellers marking the way.

We, at Lycian Way Holidays, also provide you with a mobile phone app, walking notes and an information pack.

What Can the Lycian Way Offer Me?

The Lycian Way is considered one of the most beautiful long distance hiking routes in the world.

Mostly following a coastal path, every day will offer expansive views of turquoise waters and beautiful beaches.

The whole route passes by a staggering 25 historical sites including the UNESCO World Heritage ancient cities of Xanthos and Letoon.

When you pass through more highly populated areas during the hike, you’ll get the opportunity to stay in large tourist based hotels, if you wish. However, you’ll find smaller pensions and B&B’s along the way that are run by local Turkish families who take hospitality to a whole new level.

You’ll usually be offered a large Turkish breakfast before you start your day and don’t be surprised if the family invite you to join them for dinner during your stay.

If reading this has persuaded you that you need to hike the Lycian Way, visit our itineraries page and take a look at some of the hikes we have on offer.

If you can’t find anything that suits you, we can also put together a bespoke itinerary that meets your needs.

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