Finding your way on The Lycian Way route

Finding your way on The Lycian Way route

Why we recommend Lycian Way GPS

Finding your way, Lycian Way GPS solves your challenges.

Many of our guests have not been to Turkey before. Some also have not enjoyed a hiking holiday like The Lycian Way before. We get a wide range of questions about hiking in Turkey.

Probably the most popular questions we get regularly asked at Lycian Way Holidays are:

‘How easy is it to navigate The Lycian Way route?’ Or ‘Will we get lost hiking The Lycian Way Route?’

Lycian Way painted sign in woodland
Red and White paint marker

The Lycian Way route is generally well marked with red and white stripe markers approx. every 100 metres or so & Large Yellow marker posts at major junctions. Part of the fun of hiking The Lycian Way is following the red and white markings of the route. These markings, together with rock cairns left by previous walkers will guide you to your destination.

Lycian Way signpost
Yellow Marker post

Will I get lost? The answer is very likely, yes! The solution is to go back to the last marker and start over again.

Are there any ‘back-ups’ that you recommend?

Yes, we used to provide guests with the guide book and map. This however is proving less helpful since there are changes to sections of the route every year. As technology improves the best resource is now GPS. Maps in Turkey are never very good anyway and the best option is to use GPS.

The good news is that there are GPS and information Apps that you can download for The Lycian Way. These solves the problem of not having a back-up guide for the route.

Which GPS App do you recommend?

The best general App for the Lycian Way comes from a company called ‘Trekopedia’.

Lycian Way GPS Trekopedia logo

Their ‘TrailSmart’ Lycian Way App is £7.99 and can be downloaded via ‘The App Store’ or ‘Google Play’ to your smartphone, Android or iPad. So it is available for all devices.

Here is a link to the Trekopedia Website, Lycian Way page: On the right of the webpage you can see download icons for both The App Store and Google Play.

If you are taking one of our great Lycian Way holiday packages we will deduct the price of The Lycian Way GPS TrailSmart App. You are now well equipped to deal with everything the route has to offer.

If you have any questions for us then please get in touch using our contact form link here or you are welcome to call us in Turkey on (+90 (0) 507 0377 992

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  1. We are looking at a 4 week trek in Turkey on the Lycian Way starting late March 2020. We are looking at help with accommodation bookings only.
    Do you do this and if so could you give us ( husband/wife), an idea of the costs. We are happy with inexpensive small hotel accommodation.
    Thank you Ga
    Gail Wheeler

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