Bespoke Türkiye is Back!

We have our Bespoke Türkiye website back.

Your hosts with Kate Clow, founder of The Lycian Way
Your hosts with Kate Clow, founder of The Lycian Way

So after much hair pulling, shouting and swearing, nail biting, pencil throwing and quiet desperation we finally have our old website back. It makes you wonder why some people spend the time creating viruses and malware that serve no purpose other than to destroy harmless websites? In our case, a small travel business, that has been running for 12 years. It has been a difficult experience but every cloud.. so now at least we have a much better understanding of all things ‘websitery’.  We have returned better and stronger and hope that that is the last we see of any malware. Even though we are reliably told it is a very common problem today.

Some History

We set up Bespoke Türkiye back in 2006 when we first hiked on the Lycian Way route. It was such a great experience that we knew other people would want to do this as well. Since then we have welcomed guests from all over the world to Türkiye and many have returned again. In 2014 we built a guesthouse, Meyveli Ev  (house of fruit) close to the Lycian Way route to accommodate hikers.

Lycian Way Holidays

Meyveli Ev Guesthouse Turkey
Meyveli Ev Guesthouse Turkey

In response to our old website being down, we set up Lycian Way holidays to continue offering people a great choice of walking holidays on The Lycian Way. It is a website that lacks a professional touch but does the job and the most important thing is that you, our guests, get a great holiday from experienced people who know what they are talking about. That is our goal and when we achieve it we are very happy.

If you have any questions or comments about the websites or our holidays then do get in touch with us. here is a link We look forward to hearing from you.

best wishes,

Ashley Hayes

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